No one knows what’s around the corner, so why do so many of us put off making a Will?

For many death is a taboo topic, not something we openly discuss around the dinner table, but for many they do not realise that by not making a Will  their estate could be left with someone they have not chosen.

According to research, the average age of first-time mothers was 28.6 years and 33 for first-time fathers. The average age of those buying their first property was 30. So why according to a recent study by Which? is the average age of those making a Will 47, when key changes to circumstances happened much earlier?

 When asked why they don’t have a Will some may say that making a Will had not occurred to them, or they’ve just not got around to it.  Others may say they have nothing to leave behind or that they feel that they don’t need to write one until they are older.

 As no one knows what tomorrow may hold, it may be time for you consider who you would like to benefit and look into making your Will.