When you register a Lasting Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney, you're charged an application fee paid to the Office of the Public Guardian.

Between 2013 and 2017, the operating costs of the Office of the Public Guardian decreased, but the application fee remained at £110. As the fee is supposed to cover operating costs, they are now refunding the difference between what applicants paid and what they should have paid.

It is believed that up to 1.9 million applications were affected. Refund claims can be made online using the claim form on www.gov.uk/power-of-attorney-refund or phone the Office of the Public Guardian's helpline.

The claim can be made by the donor who set up the lasting power of attorney or any attorney appointed by the donor. If the donor has died, you can still claim but you will need further documentation such as their death certificate and a grant of representation (such as a grant of probate or letters of administration) or a will